You Must Watch It To Believe: Child Picks Up Snake Thinking It Is A Stick

Who doesn’t want to keep their children away from the snake? But what happens when your one-year-old child suddenly picks up a live snake in his hand while playing. A similar incident occurred in June last year in which a child was playing in the garden. The video of the incident has surfaced again and is going viral on social media now.

The video has been shared by The Sun. Though the identity of the child and name of the city where the video has been shot is not known yet, it is clearly visible in the clip that it has been filmed at a garden/park.

In the video, the child is seen playing with a pet dog and suddenly he picks up a snake present in the grass. During this time, the child’s father who was shooting the video on his phone was quite nervous to see the snake in the hands of the child.

The father hurriedly snatched the snake from the child’s hand and threw it. However, till now, it is not clear whether the snake was a poisonous snake or not.

The video has now become viral on the social media again as lots of people are sharing this video on their social media accounts.

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