Worker seen stomping on dough to make toast, video goes viral: Watch

A recent video that has been posted to social media may gross you out where we can see that a worker is stomping on the dough to make toast.

Bread is made out of dough which needs to be kneaded beforehand. This kneading is done either by machine or by hand. Yet the recent video which has been taken secretly without the knowledge of the worker shows that he uses his leg to knead the dough. The video has gone viral.

Later, as the video maker approaches the worker, he starts kneading the dough with his hands and denies the allegation of doing it with legs. Yet, after some time he confesses to the guilt.

Posted by gamerkebaap to Instagram in last November the video has so far earned more than 114,475 likes. He captions the video as, “
Lo or Khao tum log toast.”

The post has earned ire of netizens. A user wrote, “Ishi wjh se log ishe khakr bimar pdte hai.” (That is why people fall sick after eating it).

Another user commented, “Mai 8 sal pahle bnte dekha tha 🤣 tab se toast khana chod diya.” (I had seen toast making eight years ago, since then have left eating toast.”

Watch the video here:


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