Woodpecker in California shocks pest control with wall full acorns, leaves Internet in splits

In a surprising incident a woodpecker in California left pest control shocked with a wall full of acorns, Internet reacts.

The Internet is a storehouse of entertaining content. Every now and then, we come across videos and photos that leave us amazed. In light of it, we have some pictures for you that will leave you stunned. Wondering what can be those? Read to know.

The pest control company in Santa Rosa, California was summoned to a client’s house where they received a tremendous shock. The now-viral images showcase the acorns lodged in the holes when the woodpecker spilled out. As per the photo, the room’s floor is covered with hundreds of acorns. The number of acorns can fill up to eight garbage bags.

The pictures were shared by the owner of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control in Santa Rosa on Facebook with a caption. The caption in the post reads, “Came across this on a job. The bird was a bit of a hoarder. Filled up about 8 garbage bags full of acorns weighing about 700 lbs (Approx. 317 kgs.) Unreal never came across something like this.”

Take a moment to look at the post here:

The video was an instant hit as it went viral almost immediately after getting shared. So far, the video has garnered tons of likes and comments. Highly impressed by the video, netizens flooded the comment sections with their reactions.

One user wrote, “That woodpecker will be devastated. Worked so hard for this fortune, and it’s all gone. Like if a millionaire suddenly lost all the money he tirelessly worked for.” Another commented, “Please tell me you returned that 700lbs to that poor bird.” A third comment read, “That story is just nuts.”

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