Woman’s real looking food painting leaves Internet stunned: Watch

It is amazing how some people can paint so lifelike that it is almost impossible to spot the difference between real and art. Such a video of a woman sitting with delicious authentic Indian food has surfaced online, but only one of them is actually edible.

Rucha Limaye took to her Instagram to share a reel presenting her paintings of dosa, sambhar, appam and stew, and pav bhaji with a plate of uttapam. While she poses with her art, she also asks her followers to guess which one is real and which one is a painting.

As the video comes to an end, Rucha reveals that only the uttapam was real food.

Take a look:


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So far, the video has garnered more than 705k views and tons of comments. People took to the comments section to shower praises on Rucha and her art. One person wrote, “i thought these are real…soooo good” and another comment read, “I thought the Appam stew is real..”

The third user commented, “Just love ur artwork.. Can actually see how much u worked hard for this kinda perfection” and the fourth said, “This is awesome. I couldn’t differentiate at all.”

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