Woman’s crazy dance at wedding ceremony goes viral; Watch

Videos related to marriage remain in the headlines on social media. Apart from the bride and groom, the dances of the baraatis during the wedding are also very popular. Some people, though may not know how to dance but become so crazy when music is played that they dance in different steps, which dominate the social media.

Now in this episode, a video of a dance-related to marriage has surfaced, in which a woman is dancing in a different style and everyone present there was surprised to see her dance. Now, the video also is making round on social media platforms.

In the short viral video, which was shared by an Instagram page named 69.flix, it can be seen that some people are dancing at the wedding. In the meantime, a woman also jumped onto the dance floor and started doing more than one dance move. It can be heard that Hrithik Roshan’s famous song ‘Bang Bang’ song is being played in the background.

Seeing the woman’s crazy dance, the people present at the venue start cheering for her loudly.

Watch the video here:


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  1. Abraham says

    A little disgusting.

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