Woman shows difference between office dinners in South Korea and India in viral video

A Korean blogger has posted a video on social media depicting the difference between office dinner in India and South Korea

If you are an avid social media user, there is no chance you would have missed being a part of the Hallyu wave/ Korean wave. For those unversed, ‘Hallyu’ is a collective term used to refer to the phenomenal growth of the popular Korean culture encompassing everything from music, movies, and drama to online games and Korean cuisine just to name a few. However, just as this foreign culture is making its way to the rest of the world, little do people know that India too has a huge influence on Korea.

Many South Koreans often take to their social media to share their love for Indian culture, cuisines, music, attire, etc. A Korean blogger, who goes by the name ‘KoreanG1’ on her social media, often shares videos expressing her love for India. While some of her posts show herself dancing to trending Tollywood songs, in some she hits the notes on her guitar to perform Indian folk songs. Other than that, she also posts videos depicting the similarity or differences between the two nations. In a recent video of her that has also gone viral, G1 tried to show how office dinners in South Korea are different from India.

In the clip, the influencer explains that drinking forms a big part of office gatherings in South Korea. “In Korea, bosses like people who drink well” she narrates. Dinners often start and end with alcohol, and politeness is expected even when in an unofficial setting like post-work dinners, she further states.

Meanwhile, the Indian office dinner is the complete opposite as drinking is neither encouraged nor frowned upon at in India. In South-Asian country, people know how to have a good time with or without alcohol. Colleagues dance together and enjoy to the fullest and seniors and bosses join them keeping their positions aside.

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So far, the post has garnered more than 549k views and tons of comments. Several Indians flocked to the comment section to express their experience of an office dinner. One person wrote, “Yes, I had quite a good experience in my company. We had a buffet lunch at Taj West End in Bengaluru, people danced together, and beer was optional and was not forced. There were some singing performances, and some standup comedy ad-hoc performances. People talked with each other, had fun and then we were sent home via company’s buses.”

Another commented, “Dance is a must at any gathering. Whether anyone knows how to dance or not. Just enjoy no one cares.”

Meanwhile, a Korean working in India said, “Yep as a Korean I never liked company dinner…. but after a few years when I joined an Indian company, moved to Bangalore, and had my first company dinner, I was like “damnn have to follow so many rules like in Korea?” Well, that didn’t go as planned…😂😂😂 everyone was having fun, dancing, singing, and drinking. and yes lots of food…❤️ Now I fcuking love my Indian friends and company bosses.”

Alarmed by SK’s alcohol addiction a person wrote, “South Korea has an alcohol addiction and it’s disturbing. I have never seen addiction celebrated in any other country than Korea and Japan.” Another called Korean dining etiquette is ‘intimidating.’

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