Woman Orders Fried Chicken, Receives Fried Towel Instead, Check Details Here

In a quite surprising incident, a woman received fried towel instead of fried chicken which she had ordered online.

This incident took place in Philippines when a lady named Alique Perez ordered a chicken for her son from a popular fast food chain (Jollibee Food Corp) in the country. However, as the lady received order and fed her son she found him unable to take the bite. As Alique tried to get a bite of the food she found it very hard to chew.

As she used her hands to tear open the piece of chicken, she found that instead of meat, it had a towel. Baffled with the unusual situation, Alique posted the pictures of the unfortunate incident on her Facebook profile.

The incident was shared on Facebook on June 1 and has garnered 7.7K likes, 87K shares and over 1.6K comments.

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The Jollibee Foods Corp had to face the wrath of the people due to the incident. People took to social media to express their opinions about the incident. Amid the online rage, Jollibee has ordered to close the particular branch for three-days, reported CNN Philippines.

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