Woman gives birth to identical twins 3 days apart, doctors call it ‘very uncommon’

In a one a million chances, a woman named Carmen Martinex of Texas, US, gave birth to two identical twins on three days apart.

Carmen went under delivery on March 7 and gave birth to her first daughter Gabriella (Gabby) Grace Hernandez on the same day. However, her second daughter, Isabella Rose Hernandez, who is an identical twin of Gabby, did not come out until March 10. Both the deliveries were made successful at the Hendrick Health facility in Abilene in the state.

Where Gabby was born after 24 weeks and four days, Bella took her first breath of fresh air at 25 weeks exactly, Cameran told to Fox News.

Reportedly, Cameran started showing signs of early labour a week prior to the birth of her babies. In her statement the new mother  said, “(My doctors) checked everything, and they were still there fine. There wasn’t any kind of distress or anything. But they had their own separate placenta and their own separate sac, and it was just for Baby A that it raptured and not Baby B.”

Isabella’s chances of survival was thin, therefore, doctors advised Cameran to delay the birth of the second child. Whereas, Gabby was admitted to the NICU right after her birth.

Henceforth, Cameran remained in labour without any pain medication and was monitored really well. She was timely given magnesium to help her slow or stop labour contractions.

Cameran said, “We didn’t call anybody immediately because we didn’t know what was going to happen. When we finally called our immediate family and sent a picture of Gabby, everybody was scared because all they saw was a picture of one baby – and they didn’t know what to ask.”

On the other hand, Cameran describes that while both her and her husband Johny Hernandez’s families were baffled upon Bella’s late delivery, the child was ‘having her own party.’

“It’s kind of like she had the whole belly to herself, and she was having a good time,” the mom stated.

According to the doctor, Dr James L Tadvick, who helped deliver the babies, such cases are very uncommon.

Cameran concluded the present report on her babies by stating that Gabby and Bella were given only 30 percent chances of survival for being so small and early. However, they are almost three months old now, and are doing good. “Gabby weighing four pounds, 11 ounces now, and Bella is four pounds and eight ounces. So, that’s a big jump from being a pound and a half at birth” the mother said.

Moreover, currently, the girls are being kept in the NICU for some more time so that they can get stronger.

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