Woman falls off scooter, accuses biker behind her, footage reveals truth: Watch viral video

In a rare incident, a youth was saved due to a video footage. The video footage that had been recorded in his body cam saved him from the accusation.

As we can see in the video a youth was driving his bike on a busy road while a couple was travelling in a scooter in front of him. The scooter was being ridden by a man while a woman was travelling as the pillion rider.

After some time somehow the couple falls off their scooter without someone hitting their vehicle. Yet, within no time the woman starts accusing the bike rider behind her saying that he hit their scooter. She yelled at him saying that how they fell off the scooter without someone hitting their vehicle from the rear.

At this juncture the biker said that his vehicle did not dash their scooter, rather the couple fell off their vehicle at their own. He further said that he can produce evidence that his bike did not hit the scoter.  And the evidence was the video footage where it can be clearly seen that his bike did not dash the scooter, or even it was not closer to the lady’s vehicle.

The video footage went viral after being uploaded to social media. Posted by a user named Rofl_Baba to Twitter the post has so far earned more than 60k likes. The user wrote in the caption, “Wo toh camera tha nahin toh didi toh apna khel khel chuki thi (the camera footage saved, lest the lady had already started playing her game).

And the tweet has earned a lot of hilarious comments. A user wrote, “Very true Bhai… Nahin toh tera bara bajna toh tay thaa (true, otherwise you would have faced the music). Another user wrote, “Only a camera can save a man.”

Another user wrote, “Iss insan ko supreme court jaana chahiye issue bht bada hai ye agar camera nii hota to ye gaadi wala jail mai hota iss ladki pe case krna chahiye ….(this youth should move to the Court because if there would not have the camera, he might would have jailed, and hence he should file case against the woman).

Watch the video here

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