Woman driving Jeep Compass tries to act smart, Watch what happens next

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a lady driving a SUV, tries to act smart but faces an epic fail. The lady was driving a Jeep Compass, which possess immense capabilities as per many off-roading as well as driving enthusiasts. However, even the vehicle has its limitations.

Reportedly, the video is from somewhere in South American. In the clip, a bus can be seen driving down a hilly road. Because the path is narrow, the bus seems to have blocked most of the pathway, making it impossible for oncoming traffic to drive by. Meanwhile, a lady driving a Jeep Compass, decided to play smart and make use of her SUV’s off-roading capabilities. She tries to squeeze into the narrow gap between the bus and the hill by turning her four-wheeler perpendicular to the road.

At first, it seems like the vehicle would make it through safely but, as soon as it passes by the bus while the lady tried to bring the SUV back on road, it falls one sided. The fall assured that the vehicle now needed human help to get on its wheels.

Watch Video Below:

(Video credit- Thar_Fortuner_Lover)

As per the reports, some bystanders keenly watching the incident rushed to help the occupants of the vehicle get out of the car.

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