Woman Clings To Tree To Stay Afloat Amid Raging Flood Water; Watch The Nerve Wrecking Video

The world is continuously facing natural disasters in different countries and regions. Many videos of people facing these disasters and suffering through has surfaced on the internet.

One such video is making rounds on social media channels where one woman was seen clinging to a tree for dear life amid a torrential stream of floodwaters and how she was rescued heroically by a official later.

In the video, a woman was seen stuck amid an aggressive stream of floodwaters by grabbing the hold of a tree to remain afloat and the rescuers are finding a way to get her out of the water.

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After observing for some time, the rescuers throws a water to the woman who is in neck deep waters. Then the woman was given a life jacket and the official ties the woman to himself. Then the official swims both of them back the bank and to safety.

As per reports, the video was from Texas, US. The woman got stuck in the floodwaters after a heavy torrent of rain hit the Fort Worth area on May 24.

She was in the car when she was hit by the aggressive stream. The car got swept away while she was trying to drive through the aggressive stream and she managed to save her life by jumping out of the car in time to grab hold of a tree.

The video is nerve wrecking as it looked like the woman could swept away any time by the water current. The video was shot by local resident Howard VanCleave.

Fortunately, the official made a timely rescue and the woman is saved.

Watch the video here:

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