Woman asks people to remove man photobombing her pic, got hilarious edits

Harshita, a Twitter user, uploaded a candid photo of herself and asked her followers to remove a man in the background. The edits she received in response have gone viral.

The internet can be a fascinating place if you ask the right questions and post compelling articles.

Even the most bizarre, nonsensical, and illogical questions and statements can garner thousands of shares and reactions because internet users love to talk about them.

A woman got more than she bargained for when she took to Twitter and asked her followers to help her crop a photo of a stranger enjoying a sub. Her users on social media obliged and came up with an interesting fix. And the resulting image is the kind that makes you laugh.

A woman named Harshita was spotted giggling while eating a sandwich in a subway restaurant, with no one in the restaurant except for a man in a helmet standing in the background near the billing counter.

“Can someone pls remove that guy in the background and let me enjoy my sub???” she tweeted on December 20. The tweet has garnered over 4900 likes and prompted netizens to edit the photo in a hilarious way.

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