With No Buyers Even For Rs 2, Farmers Distribute Tomatoes For Free In Odisha

Sundargarh: With no buyers for even Rs2 per kg, farmers were forced to distribute tomatoes for free in the Biramitrapur market in the Sundargarh district of Odisha on Wednesday.

According to reports, tomatoes are produced in Nuagaon, Hatibadi, Purunapani, Khutagaon and Bisra block of Sundargarh district. This time, the tomato harvest has been good for which a lot of tomatoes are available for which it’s demand has dropped down.

With no buyers, the tomatoes are sold for Rs 10 for 2-3kg. Today, traders brought huge quantity of tomatoes to Biramitrapur Market for sale. However, no consumers came forward to buy the product.

Taking back to their house would add to their transportation costs. Expressing resentment the farmers decided to distribute the tomatoes for free to the people who were present there.

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