Wild hamster strikes adorable poses for photos, wowing internet: Watch viral video

Watching pets and their naive behavior can be incredibly appealing. Social media users are loving a video of a wild hamster posing for pictures.

A video showing a wild hamster posing for photograph is winning hearts on social media.

Have you ever seen a wild hamster doing a photo shoot? says the caption of the image, which Buitengebieden posted on Twitter on Friday. The eccentric photographer Julian Rad is given credit for the video.

A photographer is seen holding a camera at the beginning of the 22-second clip when a hamster pokes its head out of the ground. A lovely flower is seen being presented to the animal by the photographer. The hamster then emerges from the grass-covered ground and tries to consume the bloom.

The photographer starts snapping pictures of the hamster while keeping hold of the lovely flower that the animal is nibbling on as a diversion.

The charming little creature munching on the beautiful flower and the sound of the camera shutters give the clip a great tone.

Later on in the clip, the photographer gets some amazing shots of the hamster that are genuinely wonderful and deserving of praise. The images show that they were captured from several camera perspectives.

The video has had over 4 million views since it was shared, and in just one day, it received over 1.7 lakh views. The post has now received over 21,000 shares from Twitter users.


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