Wholesome video! Groom’s friends show up in saree for wedding in Chicago

In a wholesome video that has surfaced on the Internet, two men turned up at their friend’s wedding venue clad in saree. Breaking the stereotypes around gendered clothing, the groom’s friends surprised him by wearing cultural attire from his hometown. But, what makes the video special is the groom’s reaction to the act pulled by his friends, in addition to the thought behind the gesture.

Apparently, a desi groom was all set to get married as per Hindi rituals in Chicago. His “best men” were supposed to dress up in an Indian look, and they seem to have aced it. The duo also completed their look with a bindi each. Seeing his friends, the groom burst into laughter.

In the video shared on Instagram by Chicago Wedding Videographers, the moment captured on camera has been edited and displayed in the most heartwarming. The clip also gives a glimpse of the bride trying to get a sneak peek into what was happening at the venue.

“Just a typical wedding morning with the groom’s 2 best men walking down Michigan Ave in sarees,” the video caption reads.

So far, the clip has garnered more than 312k views and tons of comments. “This is so wholesome,” a user wrote and another commented, “The guys are getting more creative!!! Love it!”

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