What if India was never conquered? Imagines an AI artist

In a series of pictures, artist Madhav Kohli paints his imagination answering the question what if India was never conquered?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) predictions are in trend nowadays, people are using the technology at its best. While some are curious about how they would look in an action movie or as a robot, others take it to another level to find out how the world would look at its best or worst. In light of it, an artist named Madhav Kohli took to his Instagram account to paint a few pictures showcasing how India might have looked like if it was never conquered. “What if India was never conquered?” reads the text on the first image.

For those unversed, India was conquered by the Turks and Afghans in the 10th and 11th centuries. When the nation was adopting the Mughal rules, the Britishers found the land and decided to invade it in the 1600s. The period of British rule lasted till 1947 when India gained independence from Britain.

Apart from that, in 326 BC, a Greek invasion took place in India when Alexander the Great crossed the Indus river and advanced into Punjab. He then challenged king Porus, ruler of the kingdom between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab.

Madhav shares a few AI arts of how India would have looked if it was never conquered. The stills show a land with a high level of infrastructure but without losing its cultural and religious values. A land of deities, with a hint of modernization. People can be seen preserving their cultural values, ethics, and attires while accepting the change, and cars running in the streets with an ultra-designed monument ahead, giving the idea of a different world.

From a huge idol of Lord Shiva to Ganga Ghat in Banaras, Beautiful lighting and boat rides can also be seen reducing pollution and increasing the nation’s scenic beauty. From the well-maintained forts to the Space centers built amid mountains in isolated places, the visuals look nothing less than a Hollywood movie scene.

Take a look:


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Madhav shared the post with the caption, “What if India was never conquered?”

With more than 12.7k likes and hundreds of comments, the pictures have left netizens stunned. One person wrote, “the most innovative art I’ve seen all day. here for this” and “Looks like Prince of Persia and Skyrim mixed into one with a bunch of modern buildings and cars” commented another.

A third user questioned, “Is it possible for AI showing us the future of caste if India was never conquered?” and a fourth commented, “Best use of AI.”

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