What happens when a buck runs into a hidden leopard, watch

Posted to Instagram on May 17 the chilling video has so far earned more than 17k likes

In a recent video it has been seen that a buck unknowingly runs right into a hidden leopard. The moment it reaches near the big cat, it catches him. The next few seconds of the video is all about the struggle of the buck to free it from the grip of the leopard. The video has gone viral.

Posted by user Latestkruger on Instagram on May 17 the chilling video has so far earned more than 17k likes. He captioned the video as follows: “Impala runs into a leopard and is forced to fight for its life.”

In the beginning of the video it is seen that the buck is running into a field. Perhaps it does not know about presence of a wild animal, but a leopard, hidden under the long grasses of the field suddenly surfaces and catches the buck. Then, both of them are seen scuffling between each other, while the buck tries to free itself from the grip of the leopard. It is unknown what happens at the end. And this has been questioned by many users in the comments box.

“How did it end?”, asked an user while another asked, “Did he survive?”

Another user commented, “I don’t like at all this kind of video in that we observe as spectators without empathy.”

“Is the leopard ok though?” yet another user asked.

“Wow, that was a great video,” wrote an user.

Yet, many users enquired about what was the consequence. An user asked, “Did the impala getaway?”

what was the ending? Is the Leopard ok?, another user asked.

“It caught it just right. In the neck. Amazing capture and takedown,” commented a user.

Watch the video here

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