West Bengal Girl Creates New Record For Sleeping, takes home Rs 5 lakh rupees

Hobbies are an important part of life, and it feels great when you get paid for doing nothing, but sleeping. Are you wondering what we are talking about. Yes, you are correct we are talking about a 26-year-old Triparna Chakraborty, who found her way to her desirable dream job and won a staggering Rs 5 lakh for her exceptional sleeping abilities.

Chakraborty submitted an application for a Wakefit. co internship programme. Wakefit. co is a D2C sleep solution.

Triparna, a Howrah resident, won the competition. She slept for nine hours nonstop for 100 straight days, defeating four other fellow contestants to win. She works at a US based company and is currently ‘working from home’. Due to this, she has to stay awake at night.

This competition was organised at the All India level, in which 4.5 lakh people had applied. Out of these, a total of 15 contestants were selected. Of which, only four contestants reached the finals.

The winner has revealed that all the four contestants were given a mattress and a sleep tracker and were asked to show sleeping skills. Triparna got information about this competition through a website. The winner said that she used to wake up at night and sleep during the day. With the prize money, the girl plans to buy things of her choice and need.

Wakefit announced its winner for ‘Sleep Internship Season 2 Batch of 2021’ on August 24. In its first season, the competition garnered some 1.7 lakh applicants. The programme spanning 100 days is aimed at spreading awareness on quality sleep. Wakefit has begun accepting applications for Season 3, where a winner will get paid 10 lakh for sleeping soundly for 9 hours every night for 100 nights.


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