Wedding photographer’s dance moves steal the show as viral video garners millions of views

A wedding photographer become an unexpected internet sensation after a video of him dancing alongside guests went viral on social media.

In a heartwarming twist at a recent wedding celebration, a wedding photographer has become an unexpected internet sensation after a video of him energetically dancing alongside guests went viral on social media. The video, captured during a lively dance performance by the guests, showcases the photographer’s impressive dance skills and ability to effortlessly balance his camera while grooving to the beats.

The viral video, shared by the Punjabi Touch handle on social media, has already amassed close to 200,000 views, drawing a flood of reactions and comments from amused viewers. The infectious energy and synchronization displayed by the cameraman as he dances to the popular Punjabi track “Laung Mare Lashkare” by Abeer Arora have won the hearts of many.

In the video, the cameraman can be seen gracefully moving to the beats of the song, captivating the guests with his unexpected yet delightful performance. Despite holding his camera in one hand, he flawlessly matches the dance steps of the attendees, making the video a sight to behold. The song’s lyrics, “Adiyaan dhoh ke paiyan jhanjhra. Laung mare lashkare Kangana Tera Ni Sanu kare Ishare,” perfectly complement the lively atmosphere of the wedding celebration.

Social media users have been quick to express their amusement and appreciation in the comment section. One user humorously remarked, “The cameraman is now eligible for an Aadhaar card… He has fulfilled our favourite criteria.” Another user chimed in, “You’ll definitely ask for a refund after seeing the footage he captured with the lit dance.” Curiosity also sparked among viewers, as a third user commented, “I want to see the end result of the video now.”

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