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Wedding invitation dating back to 1933 goes viral, Netizens amazed

The 90-year-old wedding invitation was shared on Twitter by Sonya Battla. It was her grandparents' wedding invite, written in Urdu.

Wedding invitations are a very important part of elaborate weddings. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time in finalizing the design of their wedding invites. While people are finding innovative ways to customize their wedding invites, a handwritten wedding invite dating back to 1933 is winning over the internet.

In the photograph that has gone viral, one can see a write-up on an old brown piece of paper. The write-up is in Urdu calligraphy. The card dates back to April 23, 1933. The 90-year-old wedding invitation was shared on Twitter by Sonya Battla. The old wedding invitation was her grandparents’ wedding invite.

Sonal Battla shared the post with a caption that read, “My grandparents’ wedding invitation circa #1933.” Take a look:

The write-up on the card reads, “I praise and pay gratitude to Prophet Muhammad. Respected Sir, Peace be upon You I am thankful to Almighty Allah for this blessed time. The wedding of my son, Hafiz Muhammad Yousaf is scheduled on 23 April 1933/27 Zil-Hajj 1351 on Sunday.”

The Tweet caught immediate attention of the internet and garnered several comments. One Twitter user commented, “thank you this is fascinating, how did you obtain this ? I am currently piecing together the life of an Australian Indian from UP and would love to learn if there was any archival collections that may hold such documentation?”, while another said, “This is a treasure. Thank you for sharing. What material is it written on?”


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