Watch: Workers transform old Bajaj scooter into electric pulley, video goes viral

A video of construction workers transforming an old bajaj scooter into an electric pulley has gone viral on social media.

The only way to learn the boundaries of the possibilities is by crossing them and entering into the realm of the impossibilities. In light of it, a recent video has grabbed the attention of netizens and it is all about the construction workers converting an old Bajaj scooter into an electric pulley.

The one-minute clip shows a man sitting on a vintage scooter without wheels. A heavy white bag is seen being pulled up to the top of the third floor of an under-construction building as he rotates the accelerator of the motionless scooter.

The video further captures the close-up of the improvised machinery. It shows how the workers used metal rods to connect a rope pulley to a rotating wheel in order to lift the bag to the third floor of the building.

The clip was shared on Twitter by a user named Pankaj Parekh on Saturday morning. He captioned the post, “Even Bajaj could never have imagined, how this scooter could be used other than driving on the roads…..”

Watch the Video here:

On being uploaded on December 3, the videos has racked up over 26.3k views and the count keeps increasing.
Impressed by the Jugaad innovation, netizens flocked to the comment section with their reactions.

One of the users wrote, “Desi jugad,” another person commented, “Scooter as Crane, hats off to Indian ingenuity.”

A third comment read,” Always potential Indian brain” and a fourth wrote, “Indians have engineering mindset by birth.”

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