Watch: Woman washing Naan under running water sparks online debate

One of the best part of having a party or get-together is the yummy leftover treats the next day. We usually end up eating the remaining party food for the following day’s breakfast, lunch and perhaps even dinner. We often heat the food and consume it. However, a video of a new way of reheating the leftover food has caught the internet’s attention. In the viral video, a person holding up a cooked Naan under running water from a tap can be seen.

The video has been shared on social media platform Instagram by @everythingalishay. In the video, a person is seen washing the Naan under running water from a tap. After covering it in lots of water, the person places the naan on a tawa and spreads oil around its circumference. The person later reheats and refries the naan on both sides.

The video has been accompanied with caption that read, “The leftover food tastes 10 times better than it does the night before istg nobody can fight me on this. This is chicken Bihari boti – Mamas special and one of my fav dishes of hers. Are you even desi / brown , if you don’t fry your naan. If someone says, ‘toooo muchhh oil’ meine block kardena han Bhai I don’t play no games. Why did I water the naan: if you add water to any stale bread and toast it, it will become soft and just like newww again I used filtered water btw (drinkable paani), pls use filtered water. Not tap water. Also someone said ‘gopi bahu of rotis’ that’s so funny I can’t.”

The video has also received a lot of comments. Reacting to the post, one user wrote, “Everyone in Germany also wets their bread rolls before putting them in the oven to revive them. So the naan thing was normal. Looks delish!.” Meanwhile, another person said, “The number of people not understanding wetting the naan. No one taught y’all about using a damp paper towel around bread when reheating to keep it moist? Same thing.”

Adding to the comment section, a third user wrote, “I thought my family invented it.” Another person wrote, “How do y’all not know that rinsing the naan defrosts and softens it up when refried?” A fifth person added, “Why did she wash it? Naan of your business, that’s why.” Meanwhile, a sixth person wrote, “REAL …the refried naan tastes bomb!!”

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