Watch: Woman falls during a conference call with CEO, video goes viral

COVID pandemic has switched the workplace to online mode. We often get to see many blunders happening at home right! Some are captured eating during online video conferences while some forget to mute the mic and talks silly and some even sleep during online classes.

One such funny clip has surfaced online where a woman named Charlotte was in a video conference with her CEO. However, she fell off the chair suddenly.

As Charlotte falls off the chair, she gives a surprising reaction and then begins to laugh out loud.  While her colleagues were concerned about her, one of his colleagues asked, hey are you okay?

Charlotte switched off the camera and went to look for another chair in her house but forgot to mute the call, her voice can be heard in the background.

Meanwhile, her colleagues gave a cute reaction to the incident.

Charlotte posted the video on Instagram and the caption reads “Please enjoy my chair breaking while on a call w/ my CEO.”

Watch the video, which left the netizens rolling on the floor laughing:


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