Watch: Woman dances in scary way, leaves Internet split

Internet is filled with crazy and incredible videos. Some clips can make you laugh, some can make you cry. However, some videos has the tendency to leave you awestruck. In the light of it, a video of a woman dancing in a scary way has gone viral in all social media platforms.

In now viral video, a woman clad in a green saree can be seen singing while standing in the middle of a crowd. People attending the event can be seen sitting on the floor all around the room in a circle while a group of musician played tabla and harmonium among other Indian instruments. As the video plays further, the woman can be seen jumping towards the crowd breaking into a scary dance form as if she is possessed. Without putting her microphone down, she slides to one of the sides of the circle with a jump and then skids to the other side in super speed. She then concluded her dance with thumkas that she performed while laying half of her body on the floor.

Watch Video Here:

Posted on Instagram by an user named ‘official_viralclips,’ the video has garnered more than 16.9k views so far. Although it is unclear what is going on in the video, it has still left netizens cracked up. Several Instagram users flocked to the comments section to express their amusement over the video. They filled the comment box with laughing emojis.

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