Watch Viral Video: Spike, The Sniffer Dog Gets Warm Farewell After 11 Years Of Meritorious Service

You may have seen farewell parties for students, teachers, office colleagues but have you seen a farewell party for a dog. Recently, a video of a farewell party on the retirement of a sniffer dog has gone viral on social media.

In the video, a dog who was wearing a garland was seen sleeping on the bonnet of a police van. The van was decorated beautifully with flowers and balloons.

Officers were standing on both sides of the road and were applauding for the canine as it was escorted from the police station.

In the video, the dog appears to be very sad for leaving the police station as it was seen sleeping on the car bonnet with a depressed expression.

The dog is called ‘Sniffer Spike’ who retired after 11 years of meritorious service for the police department.

The video was shared by Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh on Twitter. “ Nashik police organized special farewell for ‘Sniffer Spike’ canine who retired after 11yrs of meritorious service, contributing immensely in detecting explosives, wrote Anil Deshmukh while sharing the video.

He also added. “He was not just a canine but had become a part of the police family. I salute him for his service towards the Nation!”.

Here is the video:

Sniffer dogs usually receive intense training from a young age to detect and identify explosives, firearms, narcotics, among other things.

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