Watch: Video of queen bee laying eggs, wows netizens

Yet another fascinating beautiful creation of the nature which will awe the viewers. The laying of eggs by queen bee will hook the netizens for a while. This video clip was shared by Texas beeworks on their Instagram page, which is managed by beekeper Erika Thompson.

In the 22 second video clip, we can see the queen bee laying eggs. We can also see few other members of the bee colony.

Erika posted the video as one of her many educational posts about bees. She captioned the video briefly explaining how the colony works. She wrote, “This is a queen bee laying an egg. The number of eggs a queen lays each day changes depending on the needs and health of the colony. If a colony needs more bees, a strong and well-fed queen can lay her own body weight in eggs each day.”

She also added, “Also, if you’ve ever wanted to see a queen bee next to a worker bee and drone bee this is your chance to compare each type of bee alongside one another! There’s only one male drone bee in this video—he’s the big bee to the upper left of the queen as she lays the egg. All of the other bees are female worker bees.”

The video has reached more than 1.7 lakh views and rapidly increasing in numbers as well. It has also acquired tons of comments expressing their fascination regarding the video. One comment read, “That is intensely cool footage,” “This is fascinating,” read another.

Watch the video here:

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