Watch viral video of massive 13-feet-long oarfish washed ashore Mexican beach

Oaxaca: A 13-feet long carcass of an oarfish was spotted at Mexican beach recently. An aquaculture engineer and his friend reportedly spotted the dead oarfish in Baja California’s Pichilingue Bay.

According to reports, Fernando Cavalin and David de Zabedorsky found the eer-like fish on Sunday.

The sighting of the fish has sparked fears of an impending earthquake among the locals as the same species was spotted just before the deadly Fukushima earthquake that shocked Japan in 2011.

The locals claimed that the fish is known as ‘earthquake fish’ and it is seen days before earthquakes strike an area.

A short clip of the incident which shows Fernando and David standing at least a metre apart while they hold the fish in the shallow water has now gone viral on social media.

“A fish’s protein is never wasted and there are other organisms which could take advantage of ti for their consumption,” Cavalin told local media.

A user wrote, “It is said that they go out when they see a great earthquake, and it is bad luck for those who find them, they are generally dead and do not kill them.”

“These fish only come to the surface when something very bad is about to happen, it has always been like this,” wrote another.

Watch the viral video (Credit: The Community News)

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