WATCH: Viral Video Of Man Riding Overloaded Scooter, Netizens Shocked!

Social media is a source of information and odd content! A video of a man riding his scooter on a Telangana road as it is overloaded with items has appeared on social media during the streak.

The man is seen making every effort to transport a lot of cargo on his scooter. The man riding the scooter sits at the edge of the back side as it is loaded with items, taking up nearly no room.

A user named Sagar posted the footage on Twitter. The post’s description reads, “My 32GB phone carrying 31.9 GB data.”

However, Telangana police were aware of the popular video and retweeted it with a warning to the public.

Even if the mobile device is broken, it may still be possible to recover the data from it. Not life, though. Therefore, we are pleading with people not to endanger both their own and others’ lives, Telangana State Police stated in the caption.

The video has received over 7 lakh views since it was shared. The viral video has sparked a meme frenzy among online users.

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