Watch viral video: Man says mosquitos are beautiful, feeds his own blood to them

A shocking viral video shows a biologist putting his hand inside a mosquito-filled box to feed them with his blood. Whats more surprising is that the man does this daily. The Biologist, who was later revealed as Perran Ross, is researching on mosquitoes, calls the mosquitoes beautiful creatures and has decided to know more about them.

The viral video was shared on social media platform Instagram by a page called 60secdocs, which shared one minute stories on various topics.

“In addition to conducting research on mosquito traits and their lifespans, the job of Mosquito-Man, (aka Dr Perran Ross) as an experimental biologist includes sticking his arm inside mosquito cages and letting them bite for ten seconds. His biggest haul was 15,000 mosquito bites,” reads the caption posted along with the biologist’s video.

The footage shows the biologist, Ross, putting a thin glove on his hand then sticking it inside a glass box filled with mosquitoes. As soon as he inserts his hand, the mosquitos sit on his hand and start sucking his blood. When he takes his arm out, it is filled with numerous mosquito bites.

He then goes on scratching the bites as they itch and calls it the ” Best felling in the World”.  In the video, he also shares why he does it. He said that he lets the Mosquitoes sting them in order to research about their lifespan and the bacteria that lives inside them. He lets the mosquitos bite them for ten seconds everyday.


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The video is now going viral on social media with more than 4.1 lakh views and over 8,100 likes till now.

The video has brought about various reactions from people. One user said, “This is literally my version of hell.”  While another user recommended using artificial feeders for this.

“Hi, I’m also a PhD medical entomologist who works with mosquitoes. They make artificial feeders that keep you from having to do this,” said the user.

“What I want to know is if he is building up a tolerance against the itching!?” said a third Instagram user. Someone else said that this is a “Little horror movie.”

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