WATCH Viral video: Desi Dadi’s zabardast dance on ‘Saami Saami’

Of late, a major chunk of the internet has been taken over by pictures and videos of elderly people getting involved in activities like gymming, celebrating their 100th birthday and whatnot! Videos like such have proved that age is just a number.

Recently, a video has gone viral and has managed to capture the internet’s attention. The video shows an old woman, mostly in her late seventies, rocking her moves to the beats of the Telugu hit song, Saami Saami.

Clad in a blue saree, the seemingly fit and athletic old woman grooves to the beats of the song in her own desi style. She does not miss a beat and dances with full confidence. She seems completely engrossed in dancing, ignoring the eyes around her.

The video has been shared by a page named ‘Gidda Company’ on Instagram and has received views, likes, and comments in thousands. Her energy has been appreciated by netizens from all over.


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