Watch Viral video: Cobra sneaks into cage, feeds on birds in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Several videos are going viral on different social media platforms every day. One video of an Indian cobra is now doing rounds on the internet.

In the 1.9 minute-long video, it can be seen that an Indian cobra entered a bird cage with 6 Zebra finch birds. Muna Mohapatra of Bhimatangi area of Bhubaneswar, who is the owner of the birds, said that by the time he noticed the cobra; it had killed 4 and eaten 2 of the birds.

Soon Mohapatra informed the Snake Helpline members about the incident. The snake rescuers came and captured the 2.5 ft cobra in time. Later, they released the snake back into the wild habitat.

Click here to watch the viral video. 

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