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Watch: Viral food hack to remove excess oil from curry using ice

Indian cuisine has gained popularity all around the world, dishes like butter chicken, palak paneer, etc are highly consumed in foreign countries. However, the country has much more to offer when it comes to diversity in food or culture.

As tasty as the curries are, the amount of oil used in it to make it scrumptious can prove detrimental for health. To remove the excess oil from the gravy, a simple and easy hack is doing rounds on the internet.

In a video shared on Twitter, a massive block of ice being can be seen being used to remove oil from a hotpot.

Take a look:

On touching the surface of the gravy, the block of ice solidifies the fat, which makes it easy to separate the excess oil from a dish.

The video is posted by Time for Knowledge (24×7) on their Twitter page with the caption, “Using ice to remove the oil.”

Although the hack has left some netizens in shock, many kept arguing that the hack is useless as removing oil affects the deliciousness of the dish. The video has garnered thousands of 2,36,000 views,7.7 likes and over hundred of comments, “Tbh this is pretty brilliant innovation lolz,” reads a comment while another wrote, “Removing the taste from the dish.”

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