Watch: Video of dog scaring away leopard goes viral, netizens say “tails tell the full tale”

There’s nothing new in coming across wild cats hunting their prey. But it is very rare when we get to see the prey escaping death from these canines. In a similar scenario, a video of a dog scaring of a leopard is doing rounds on the Internet. Although the stray escaped death, it was clearly visible how scared it was. Yet people on online are saluting it’s bravery for standing up against the big cat.

In the short clip, a leopard can be seen approaching a sleeping stray dog out of nowhere. The dog got shocked by the sudden jump made by the canine, and took two step back while barking at it. We often come across educational videos that say that when a wild cat approaches to eat us, there is no value in running away from it. Therefore, stand tall at one place and there is a chance the canine might leave you. It seems like the dog too got the lesson, as it didn’t run away giving the leopard a chance to chase it but infact, stood tall and kept barking on top of its lungs. This act of the dog scared the cat and after a minute of eye-lock the leopard went back to the wilderness, leaving the dog unharmed.

The video appears to have been shot at a national park or wildlife sanctuary and was recorded by someone in a safari jeep.

Watch Video Here:

Where many people praised the dog for its ‘bravery’ and ‘confidence’ under adverse circumstances, others pointed out that the dog had its tail tucked between its legs which proves how scared it was.

Some even said that the leopard might have abandoned the dog because of the presence of humans.

Here is how people reacted:

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