WATCH: Video of Chimpanzee mother uniting with her newborn is sure to melt hearts

A heartwarming video of a mother chimpanzee reuniting with newborn baby after a bried separation of 2 days has grabbed attention of netizens.

A recent video of a chimpanzee mother reuniting with newborn baby is sure to make the viewers emotional. In the video, one can see the mother chimpanzee emotionally holding her newborn son, close to her chest.

The baby chimp was born on November 15, via cesarean or the ‘C-section’ surgery, when complications were noticed after Mahale, the mother chimpanzee went into labor. After the birth of the baby, it was noticed that he was not able to breathe properly on his own. It was then decided to keep him under observation for a period of two days, thereby causing the 2-day separation between the mother and child. Dr Heather Arens, Director, Animal health at the zoo, helped in the delivery of the baby chimpanzee along with several other human medical doctors.

The zoo officials named the baby ‘Kucheza’, which mean ‘to play’ in Swahili.  The heartwarming video of chimpanzee mother reuniting with newborn was shared by ‘Sedgwick County Zoo’ on its official Instagram handle. The video was accompanied by a caption which read, “Just in from the keepers: Mahale and Baby are doing amazing and our boy now has a name! Kucheza (koo-CHAY-zuh) means “play” in Swahili. In this video you can see a sweet moment between mom and son while he nurses”.

Take a look at the video here:



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