Watch Video: Air India Cabin Crew Calms Child On Flight, Leaves People Impressed

People often take the politeness and professionalism of flight attendants for granted. They are essential for ensuring that the passengers have a pleasant and problem-free flight. They also work really hard to make the flight as comfortable as possible. It is often a very thank-less job. However, sometimes, there are certain instances that help remind how important the cabin crew is for a smooth journey. A recent video where a member of the cabin crew calms a child on-board portrays one such incident.

Traveling with a young child can be very stressful not just for the family members of the young one, but also their co-passengers. In such a situation, if the child starts getting restless, everyone on the flight has a very hard time dealing with it. A cabin crew member on an Air India flight understood this very well as he helped calmed down a fussy young girl.

The crew member identified as Neil Malkam can be seen walking up and down the aisle of the flight while gently patting the toddler on the back. The toddler can be seen resting peacefully on his shoulder.

The video was shared by the baby’s father, Jeevan Venkatesh from his personal Instagram account. Jeevan shared the video along with a caption where he appreciated the Air India staff. He also said that he had seen positive changes in his flight experience after Tata’s takeover of Air India.

He further added an update mentioning that he had been able to find the name of the gentleman who helped him out, and mentions the Instagram handle of the flight attendant, Neil.

The video where the cabin crew calms the child has now gone viral with over 2 lakh likes!

Watch the heart warming viral video posted by Jeevan here:


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Needless to say, people were all praises for Neil, the flight attendant. They also agreed with Jeevan’s statement that Tata’s takeover has changed the flight experience for the better.


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