King Cobra follows child into his house; Watch scary video

A scary video of a king cobra trying to follow a toddler has made the internet frightened. The goosebump inducing video is going viral on various social media platforms.

The video shows a child was playing on the front yard of a house while his father and grandfather keeps an eye on him.

Suddenly, a pitch black snake, about two metres long, comes towards the yards of the house with a very fast speed.

His grandfather, who was standing right behind him, noticed the angry first and tries to grab the child. However, he could not react quickly as he had recently recovered from a stroke so he shouted for help.

Immediately, the child’s father, who was sitting near the door comes to them and runs to the house after picking the child from the floor.

The grandfather was seen limping after the child and the father. On his way to the door he grabs a stick as a form of defense as the angry snake was closing on them quickly and they are yet to enter the glass doors of the house.

Meanwhile, the father put the child inside quickly and returned to close the glass door after the grandfather enters it.

The snake, however, does not give up and tries to sneak under the door but there was not enough space. The snake tries repeated attempts to enter through the gaps but at last it fails.

Then it moves out of the place through toys and other items scattered in the front yard. The family, it appeared, was saved by sheer luck.

The video was shared by Youtube by a channel named ViralHog.

The video has already garnered 796,411 views and got many comments on YouTube.

Most of the people are scared by the snake’s speed and are talking about it.

Watch Video Here: Video Credit: (Youtube @ViralHog)

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