Watch: Toddler wins hearts by singing his favourite song while being hospitalized

No one likes to be in the hospital for any sort of reason, and being admitted in one for a disease is even worse. However, having a beacon of positivity in the most depressing place in the world can ease one’s sufferings.

A video showcasing such a scenario has recently gone viral on the Internet. In the 48 seconds clip, an adorable toddler can be seen heartily singing his favourite song. The child, identified as Miguel from Brazil was admitted to the hospital for gastroenteritis. He surprisingly showed no signs of fear or anxiety.

The video shows the toddler enthusiastically singing the song after it played on the television near him. Soon after hearing the song play, he started crooning and swaying to it in his crib with a spoon in his hand like a microphone.

Shared on Twitter by ‘GoodNewsCorrespondent’, An Official correspondent for ‘Good News Movement’ and N.E. Emmy nominated reporter. He posted the video with the caption, “Even in difficult times in the hospital, little boy sings & dances!”

Watch Video Here:

In a very short span of time, the video has garnered over 18.8k views. Netizens are absolutely loving his positivity as one commented, Absolutely adorable n amazing ..the baby’s singing from the hospital bed.. Music does heel n can do wonders to those suffering from low spirit.” “Can’t even recall the last time I was filled with this much joy…..let alone when I was sick,” wrote another.

Some posted GIFs expressing their amazement.

Some considered him as a pillar of happiness and courage.

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