Watch: Tiger refuses to let go of a tourist vehicle, scary video enthralls netizens

A video of a tiger clinging onto a tourist safari bus has surfaced online, the scary video has left netizens enthralled

Many people love safari rides as it gives a closer glimpse of the wildlife. Many zoological parks also provide such services that let people enjoy a trip to nature. It is hard to miss these wild creatures and their antics during a safari ride. A similar situation took place when a tiger refused to let go of a tourist vehicle in a zoo. A video of the same has surfaced online, and it has enthralled netizens.

Shared on Twitter by @Bellaasays2, the now-viral clip shows a tourist vehicle with a caged region moving through the tiger enclosure. A few seconds into the video, a tiger can be seen stretching itself to the height of the vehicle while inspecting its interiors. Clinging onto the bus, the magnificent beast refuses to let go, His fellow feline friends too followed the safari bus for a while.

Meanwhile, intrigued tourists inside kept taking pictures. The vehicle driver then slowly starts moving away from the spot and the tiger lets go after some time.

“Scary or crazy?” reads the caption.

So far, the clip has garnered more than 82.4k views and tons of comments. Many said that they would faint if a tiger came this close to them. Others simply pointed out that all zoos should develop a similar kind of viewing and not keep the animals caged.

One person commented, “Adventure – not for de weak” and another wrote, “That’s how the zoos should be. Humans inside the cage and not the other way round.”

A third comment read, “I don’t know… I would say scary, and at the same time they must look beautiful” and a fourth person said, “Better than walking in there unprotected without a raw meat snack. I imagine those tigers are very used to people, and were likely raised in the park from babyhood. Cage up the humans, and let the animals roam free. Would be bad if the engine broke.”

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