Watch: This video of 50 people traveling in an auto will blow your mind

A video of an auto jam packed with not four or five but 50 people onboard has left the Internet awestruck.


Auto-rickshaws are a very convenient method of public transport, especially in places that do not have access to Ola and Uber. They are cheap and offer a decent amount of protection against the elements as well. However, it is well known that the maximum number of people they can carry is limited to three, or four. Or maybe five if there is an absolute emergency and people are willing to give up every bit of their personal space. Anything beyond that just seems outlandish. Right? Hold on to that thought as you see this video where not five or six, but 50 people were seen traveling in the same auto!

This now-viral video is from Alirajpur, a tribal-populated district of Madhya Pradesh. It shows around 50 passengers riding in one single auto. Passengers packed together in the tiny space to manage themselves a ride.

Reportedly, the clip was posted on October 5, 2022, where some villagers can be seen returning to their residents in Bilasa after enjoying a fair in Alirajpur. They found an auto to take them back home and decided to fit the entire crowd into the vehicle.

While some passengers can be seen hanging on to the auto regardless of their lives, some sat cramped inside the auto. After the video surfaced online, the police swung into action and impounded the auto after searching it on the basis of its registration number.

According to the police station in charge, Bijay Deora Ajtak, it is an old video that has resurfaced again. He further said that not many vehicles pass by that place, which is why many people often load into one vehicle in order to travel long distances.

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Take a look:

The video has left the Internet stunned and many were shocked to see that the auto was able to move with such a load.

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