Watch | THIS is what the crew did to retrieve passenger phone, Internet is impressed

Airplanes might have made traveling to longer distances faster and easier, but it’s the service that adds to the comfort. Several videos from different aircrafts have surfaced online time and again and it shows that a plane ride can also be happening. While some of this clips tickle our bones, some can leave us with wet eyes. In light of it, a video of a Southwest Airlines plane’s pilot and employees helping a passenger retrieve their phone has surfaced online. The gesture is too goof to miss.

The incident took place at the Long Beach Airport in California. A customer taking a separate flight at the same time spotted the event and and notified the crew. As per the video, the boarding had already finished and and the aircraft had been pushed back. However, when a passenger realized that he is missing his phone, staff present on the ground teamed up to ensure that the handset was safely returned to its owner.

Southwest Airlines took to Twitter to share the story about the kindness of their staff and wrote, “When our Employees at @LGBairport noticed a Customer’s phone left behind in a gate area after a flight that was already boarded and pushed back from the gate, they didn’t hesitate. #WorldKindnessDay”

Watch Video Here:

The 8-seconds short clip shared by the airlines shows a pilot hanging from the plane’s cockpit window to retrieve a phone that one of his passengers accidentally left behind. Reportedly, by the time of the incident, the plane had already left the gate at Long Beach Airport in California.

Although it is unclear when this video was clicked, the airlines shared it recently in celebration of World Kindness Day to promote kindness throughout the world.

The post has so far garnered more than 93k views. Netizens were quick to comment on the airline’s act of kindness, one person wrote, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Another person joked, “I had no idea those windows could open. How does the breeze feel at 35,000ft?”

A third person praised the airline for helping her find her missing cellphone as well, “Southwest is very good about helping with your lost cell phone. They helped me get mine back after I turned on the alert. They reopened the gate door and brought it to me! I love Southwest Airlines!”

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