Watch: Sloth bear stands on its hind legs leaving tiger confused, video viral

We have all come across ‘The Jungle Book’ during our childhood, and the friendship between Bagheera and Baloo has definitely inspired many. Moreover, it is impossible to forget the fight between tiger Shere Khan and Baloo, along with the bear’s heart touching sacrifice. Recently, a video of a tiger and a sloth bear making rounds on the Internet reminiscing those childhood memories.

Although, it is not clear if the two wild beings share a friendship or it was a coincidence, but netizens felt good to have got to witness such an amazing ‘caught on camera’ moment.

In the 1 minute 16 seconds clip shared by IFS officer Sandeep Tripathi on Twitter, a close encounter between a tiger and a sloth bear can be seen. “Close encounter!!! A close shave… For whom…even the tiger seems confused!!!!” wrote Tripathy while sharing the video.

Have a look:

In the video, a tiger can be seen walking solely on a forest path. A few seconds later, a sloth bear can be seen following it, which prompted the tiger to turn around.

The bear then walked close to the tiger, and suddenly stood on its hind legs making the tiger sit down on the ground. It then turned back to find humans in its vicinity which made him run away instantly. The tiger kept sitting on the ground watching the bear run-away, it looked highly confused though.

The video has garnered more than 9k views so far and hundreds of comments expressing netizen’s amazement. One comment read, “Why the confusion. Ballo and sherkhan were having some discussion about the presence of humans on their land” and another wrote, “It was not shocked by seeing tiger but when it saw ppl.”

Have look at a few more interesting comments:

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