Safari guide takes selfie with cheetah, watch what happens next

A video featuring a cheetah has grabbed attention of netizens. In the clip, a safari guide can be seen taking a selfie with the canine.

The first batch of cheetahs, trans-located from Namibia to India, were released into the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh on September 17. After 70 years of being declared extinct in the country, Prime Minister Modi’s initiative to reintroduce cheetahs to Indian forest is currently a hot topic on all social media platforms. While many are intrigued to see them from up close, the forest officials are making sure they get habituated to the surrounding. Amid the hot topic, a video featuring a cheetah has grabbed attention of netizens.

Shared on Twitter by IFS officer Clement Ben, the clip shows a snippet from a memorable forest safari. The video shows a cheetah approaching a safari vehicle filled with tourists. A few seconds in the video, and the big cat suddenly jumps on the roof of the car and peeks through the open sun roof. Meantime, the safari tour guide gets up from his seat and goes dangerously close to the feline to take a selfie with it.

That is not all, the video ends abruptly and it is not known how long did the canine take to get down.

Watch Video Here:

The clip has garnered over 80k views and tons of reactions. While half of the comments were in praise of the tour guide calling him brave, rest were quick to point out how unimaginably dangerous the guide’s action was.

Take a look at some reactions:

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  1. ABC Xyz says

    Canine refers to dogs. Cheetah belongs to family of cats.

  2. Amit Surve says

    Miss Rachana, ya article says “dangerously close to the “CANINE” to take a selfie with it”
    Canine belongs to dog family… Ya article is supposedly bout “Feline / cat” family… Seems a totally random video unrelated to the cheetahs brought to India.. I don’t get the point of ya article…

    1. Sudeshna Panda says

      Thank You So Much… It Shall Be Edited Accordingly…

  3. PROJJAL says

    The CHEETAH is actually very exhausted and thirsty. Someone should have given him water. But people are so idiots that they are taking selfies without thinking how thirsty is the animal in such scorching heat.

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