Watch: Russian tank deliberately crushes car with Ukrainian citizen on board, viral video

In a horrifying incident, a Russian tank was caught on camera crushing a civilian car in a northern district of Kyiv.

A video from Kyiv is doing rounds on the Internet, where a Russian tank could be seen swerving towards the vehicle driving a few lanes away, in order to reach the car. The car was being driven by an elderly Ukrainian citizen, when the Russian troops deliberately drove the tank on top of him. A few gunfire were also heard in the background and seeing the car completely flattened people nearby started screaming in fear.

As soon as the tank left, several people heard to rescue the man from the crushed car. Luckily, the elderly man trapped in the distorted car, survived.

Watch Video Here:

Miraculously, the elderly survived, although the extent of his injuries is yet unsure. He was pulled free from the wrecked car by a group of men using tools like axe and crowbars.

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