WATCH: Passengers perform Garba dance inside Mumbai local train during Navratri

In a heart-warming incident, that features a group of men dancing Garba on a Mumbai local train has taken social media by storm.

The nine-day Navratri festival, a joyful celebration of the triumph of good over evil, has been captivating people across the country. With just few days remaining until Dusherra on October 24, folks are making the most of this festive time. In a heart-warming incident, a video has taken social media by storm, featuring a group of men spontaneously dancing the Garba on a Mumbai local train.

The viral video was shared on a microblogging site named @mumbaiheritage under the caption “Garba” in Mumbai local.” It starts with a group of elderly men aboard a Mumbai local train. They begin dancing to the lively beats of a Graba song, dressed in pristine white attire. Their steps are not entirely in sync but brimming with enthusiasm. Fellow passengers in the coach can be seen enjoying the performance, cheering for the co-passengers as the train chugs along.

The delightful video has captured the attention of many online, with people commenting on the spirit of Mumbai and the sheer spontaneity of the moment.

Comments like “The spirit of Mumbai is unbeatable!” and “Impromptu Garba on a Mumbai local train- wow!” reflect the prevailing sentiments of admiration and joy.

Some viewers expressed a sense of longing, wishing they could have been part of this vibrant celebration. Comments such as, “I’m feeling jealous. Why wasn’t I a part of this? Wait, I’m coming too. Jai Mata Di,” expresses the desire to join in on the festivities.

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