Watch: Odisha’s Visually impaired youth spreads happiness with his beautiful singing

“Akhira Janama Kandiba pain, Mala jae taara luha sareni” (Eyes have been given to cry, tear does not gets finished till death). Anyone can become emotional listening to this passionate line sang by a blind man.

It is said that the people who are blind really do have enhanced abilities in their other senses. This has probably come true in the case of a gifted youth from Boudh district of Odisha. He is differently abled; he is visually impaired. Yet, his talent as a musician has earned him basketful of glory, though he is yet to receive any government benefit.

Meet Saroj Taria from Gobajora village under Kantamal block of Boudh district. He is blind by birth but blessed with the art of singing and aptitude of playing musical instruments. His is an avid Mridang player while he also can swiftly play harmonium to render melodious and soothing music. Even though he is an untrained musician, he has grabbed attention and earned recognition in lieu of his singing abilities.

Interestingly, he doesn’t regret being visually impaired, rather feels elated that he can make others happy through his art. Listeners go gaga and turn his fans after witnessing his rendition of songs.

Although, Saroj is born differently-abled in a poor family to parents who work as daily wage workers, his family has not stepped back from providing him academic education. Having completed his CT (certified teacher) program, he is currently pursuing his +3 final year.  Like many others, the young man aspires to get a secured Government job, so that he could nourish his family of five (His brother, sister & parents) from their misery and get a “Pucca House”.

What’s more disheartening is, despite being a “Divyang” Saroj and his family so far have not received any aid from the government schemes.

Albeit numerous request letters have been penned for a permanent house, no active steps have yet been taken by the authorities in this regard. With intent of helping Saroj and his family, the villagers have also come out in his support and sought government help for him.

As per reports, the District Collector has assured to provide whatever is possible. Let us hope, he gets the needful at the earliest.

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