WATCH: Noida man sets Mercedes on fire over non-payment of dues

A shocking video of a man setting his boss’s luxury car on fire has gone viral on all social media platforms. The employee did so to take seek vengeance on his superior for not paying his dues.

Reportedly, Noida police arrested the man on Wednesday for burning down the car of another person who had allegedly not paid his dues. The video of the incident has been surfacing online since Tuesday.

The 40-year-old construction worker set fire to the expensive Mercedes car in broad daylight after the owner refused to pay him for his work. The car was parked outside the owner’s house during the time of the crime.

The incident occurred in Sadarpur village of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

According to the sources, the accused, identified as Ranveer was unhappy that the owner of the car, Ayush Chauhan was delaying the payment of his dues, which amounted to over Rs 2 lakhs in the past couple of years.

The entire incident was captured in a CCTV installed nearby.

Take a look:

As soon as the CCTV footage surfaced online, Twitteratis flocked to the microblogging site to address their reaction to the incident. One user wrote, “He shouldn’t have done that.. The owner will get the complete amount refunded/a brand new car as it must be completely insured. And this guy will have to bear the case life long and the chances of him getting back his money in the near future also are burnt!”

While some people badmouthed the owner of the car for exploiting the poor worker and not paying his dues, others felt bad for the loss and criticized the worker for taking the law into his hands.

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