WATCH: Netizens react to viral video of lion roaming on the streets

In a recent viral video, a circus lion can be seen roaming on the streets after escape from its cage at a town in Italy.

In a peculiar incident that went viral recently, a circus lion managed to escape from its cage at a town in Italy. The incident occurred in Ladispoli. A video surfaced on social media, shared by user Michele Galvani, featuring the lion strolling through residential areas in Ladispoli.

The footage shows the lion freely roaming on the streets. In the video, a woman can be heard expressing her surprise at the scene.

The video gained significant attention online, within a very short span of time. Since getting shared only a couple of days back, the video has already garnered over 120k views. It has also drawn various reactions from netizens. Comments on the post reflected a mix of opinions, with some emphasizing the need to liberate animals from the captivity. Others marvelled at the lion’s unexpected taste of freedom. They also hoped for improved regulations against the exploitation of animals in circus.

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Comments on the video included, “it is less scary than certain people walking on the street,” “Leave him alone, poor beast, he’s more afraid of you,” “A little freedom poor lion,” among numerous others.

For the unversed, the incident earlier led to a warning from local authorities to residents. The town Mayor Alessandro Grando took to Facebook to inform the public about the situation. According to the mayor, the lion had broken free from a circus located in Viale Mediterraneo.

Circus staff, with the assistance of concerned officials, initiated an operation to find and capture the lion. Mayor Grando urged the residents to exercise caution, advising them to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel until further notice.

Later, the mayor provided an update, stating that the lion had successfully been caught by the rescue team and returned to the circus staff.

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