Watch! Mango Maggi, Internet’s latest Bizarre food combination

A recent video of a new experimental food concoction has yet gone viral on the internet which has left the netizens dumbstruck. The fresh new piece of content is ‘Mango Maggi’.

The video sees a woman vendor preparing Maggi at her shop. She then adds Mazza to the prepared Maggi but that’s not the end of it. She then puts chunks of freshly cut mangoes on the top, to garnish the dish.

Watch the video here:

So far the number of views on the video has crossed 1.89 Lakhs. It has grabbed numerous comments like, “Kindly add location so that someone can reach over and offer counselling”, “Yuck”, “OMG…either its cheese everywhere or such stupidity…I wonder who will buy n eat it too”, among hundreds of such similar comments


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