Watch: Man tries to stop train, what happened left netizens satisfied

In India, people often prefer trains to travel long distances on a daily basis, at an affordable price. Because of this, thousands of trains are being operated by the Railways every day. However, some people compare trains to buses or taxis, which is why they think it is okay to stand on tracks and command a speeding train to stop for them.

Recently, a video that has resurfaced online shows a drunk person crossing all limits of insanity as he tries to stop the train by waving his hands on the track. Not only that but he was also seen giving flying kisses to the loco pilot. However, what happened afterward, is unexpectedly funny and satisfying.

When the train came closer to the drunk man, he stepped out of the tracks and the pilot pulled the brakes to stop it. Soon after, the loco pilot stepped down from the train and started beating the drunk person.

Although people are surprised by the pilot’s action it is also hard not to laugh at the situation. This video has now gone viral on social media.

Notably, the incident took place in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

Posted on Twitter by Narendra Singh the video has garnered more than 245 views and hundreds of comments so far.

Watch Video Here:

One person commented, “bilkul sah kiya (He did the right thing), and another user wrote, “Aise sharabio ka yehi anjam. ise police ke hawale kar dena chahiye (Such drunks deserve such punishment. You must hand him over to the police).

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