Watch: Man teaches 3-yr-old son how to flip rotis, Internet praises him for good parenting

In today’s viral video a man teaches his three year old son how to flip rotis, Internet cannot stop gushing over the adorable boy and the father’s good parenting skills.

Kabir, a three year old, is setting example in the kitchen for everyone. His father, Sujay Nadkarni, who’s behind the camera guides him well, as the boy very easily and perfectly flips the rotis. The video on Instagram has garnered more than 1 million views so far.

In the now-viral video, Kabir can be seen standing on an elevated platform and holding a spatula with the help of which he flips the roti. While posting the video Sujay wrote, “Kabir loves to cook. Last week, he insisted on making rotis. So, we let him.”

Take a look:


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Netizens on Internet cannot stop adoring the video and Sujay’s parenting. They appreciated the little boy’s parents for the strong upbringing. “Good job. Hopefully he will became Great man one day,” a user wrote and “That’s prefect upbringing make them individual person not dependent person,” wrote another.

Some even praised Sujay’s attempt towards equality as one user wrote, “Amazing! That’s what I wanna do as a first step to break patriarchy!” “Amazing first step towards equality and independence,” wrote another.

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